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Arsenal are reportedly interested in signing Ilkay Gundogan on a free transfer

Recent reports say that Arsenal is considering trying to sign Ilkay Gundogan for free. Barcelona is also keeping an eye on what’s going on.

The terms of his contract with Manchester City will end next summer. But the player and mancity have not yet decided on the terms of a new contract.

Reports say that Ilkay Gundogan will join Arsenal for free during the upcoming summer transfer window. The same source says that the German soccer player would be willing to work with Mikel Arteta again.

A different source says that the German player is not happy with the terms that Manchester City has given him. Even so, City has said that they are not ready to raise the fee yet.

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The other problem is that the German player wants a big pay raise and a two-year extension on his current deal. Also, Manchester City is ready to add another two years to his deal. They don’t want to pay attention to his rules and standards, though. Even so, Arsenal is ready to meet any request. But the Gunners aren’t in the lead right now in the race to sign him.

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