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“We’ll try and win the f*****g Champions League” – Graham Potter

This coming weekend, the Blues will host Everton at Stamford Bridge. Right now, the former Brighton manager is speaking to fans at a club event.

Gareth Southgate has picked the players who will play for England in the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifiers against Italy and Ukraine, but there is still one round of Premier League games to play before the first international break of 2023.

Graham Potter, the manager of Chelsea, was talking to Blues fans at a special event held by the club while Manchester United and Arsenal played in the UEFA Europa League.

On social media, people are talking about how emotional the former manager of Brighton & Hove Albion was when he met the fans. In the movie, the head coach of the Blues says some harsh things.

When the night’s host asked Potter to welcome the fans and talk about the exciting end of the season, Potter said, “First of all, thank you. They’ve been very fair with us.” As a result of their continued commitment to the team, we have gotten a huge amount of help. We’ll need them when we try to beat Everton on Saturday, if we draw, and when we try to win the f*****g Champions League.

People in the crowd laughed and agreed with what he said, which might have been because of the team’s poor performance so far this season.

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The Blues are currently ninth in the Premier League, 11 points behind Tottenham Hotspur of London, which is in fourth place. For Chelsea to play in the UEFA Champions League the following year, they would have to get to this spot.

Many experts have given up on their chances, but it’s not completely impossible. Potter says that beating Everton is the first goal for them this weekend. After that, they’ll think about the job.

Graham Potter

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