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Bukayo Saka is the best player in EPL, he’s better than Haaland – Sagna

Bacary Sagna, who used to play defense for Arsenal and Manchester City, thinks that this year Bukayo Saka has been the “best player” in England.

Even though Erling Haaland will get all the credit for hitting an amazing 28 goals in just 26 league games, Sagna says that Saka has been more important for his team.

This season in the Premier League, Saka has been by far the best player. I wouldn’t be surprised if Erling Haaland won the PFA man of the year award, but right now, Bukayo stands out as the player who has helped their team the most.

“Many of the players on the Arsenal team deserve a lot of respect because they have been so consistent. But I think that Bukayo’s growth, attacking style, ability to score goals, and ability to set up goals have been really important for the team.

We can only hope that he doesn’t get hurt. He’s very young, but he’s already a great player, and he’ll keep getting better. He has more of an effect on the Arsenal team than any other player, in my view. It’s been great that we’ve been able to keep this level of coherence from one game to the next.

One could say, without a question, that Saka has a better chance of making a change. During the Gunners’ unexpected run to the title this season, he has been a big part of many of their most important wins.

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If he hadn’t been on the field, they probably wouldn’t have won the games against Liverpool and Manchester United, and he’s also done some amazing things for them at other times this season.

Given Haaland’s great record of scoring goals, it’s hard to argue against the Norwegian getting most of the attention. However, Sagna, who has played for both teams, is probably in a better position than most to form an opinion about the two players.

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