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Whether Arsenal or Mancity, I’m not interested – Sir Alex Ferguson

When given the easy option of choosing between Man City and Arsenal, the famous manager of Manchester United refused.

The Scot is at the famous fair in Cheltenham with three horses that are running in the races. Horse racing is another of his big hobbies.

ITV Racing asked him a few questions as he got ready to watch Hermes Allen, which he owns with some friends.

After Sir Alex talked about Cheltenham, he was asked a sports question: “Man City or Arsenal?”

It wasn’t clear at first who he thought would win this year’s Premier League title or who he wanted to win, but his feelings were clear. He said back, “I’m not interested.”

Ferguson was happy to talk about the races he had seen at Cheltenham, but he did say that Tuesday had been a hard day for him mentally.

I don’t think there was a single person in the room who didn’t cry when Ferguson said, “I can’t believe how beautiful Honeysuckle was. The person telling the story said that the jockeying and training were great.

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Gary Pallister, who used to play defense for the Red Devils, says that Sir Alex Ferguson’s feelings about horses have changed over time. Pallister says that when Ferguson was a United player in the 1990s, he didn’t like horses at all.

According to a statement he gave to Cheltenham Racing, one of Pallister’s favorite memories of Fergie and horse racing is that he would cut you if he found out you had gone to the Cheltenham Festival.

At the time, he wasn’t interested in the Cheltenham games. He didn’t play golf or race horses, and neither of those was his favorite sport. He is very interested in sports and horseback riding right now, and he even has his own horses.

Back in the day, he didn’t like it when the guys went to the races, but things have changed, and it’s clear that he’s been involved with his close friends from Manchester for a while and has done well there.

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