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“She is my GOAT” – Reece James names his Chelsea’s greatest players

After she won the Young Player of the Year award at the London Football Awards, Reece James called his sister Lauren James the “GOAT.” This is short for “greatest of all time.”

The award was given to the young woman, who is now 21 years old, at the 2023 party on Monday night.

Lauren James has scored six goals in 15 games in all leagues, which makes it more likely that Chelsea will extend her long-term contract. When James moved from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2021, she signed a deal with the club for four years. AtaFootball says that Chelsea plans to start contract talks the following month.

She was still worth more on Monday night because she was getting praise for what she had done. The group says that she is the Young Player of the Year for Women.

Reece, Lauren James’s brother, was full of praise for her at the end of the year 2022. He also made a big statement, saying that she is the best female footballer right now and will stay that way forever.

He went on to say that she keeps him going every day and always will.

She is currently the best female player in the world, and she will probably keep that title for the next ten to fifteen years. She is better at strategy than some of her Premier League competitors.

After Lauren was honoured at the London Football Awards, Reece posted about how happy he was on Instagram and called his sister the GOAT. (Greatest of All Time).

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When Lauren James moved from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2021, she was slowly brought into the team because she was not fit at the time. Emma Hayes, the manager, is now getting what she wanted because of that choice. She thinks that the talent from England still has something to offer the sports world.

Hayes was quoted last month as saying, “She’s great to work with, she really is.”

“It’s getting bigger.” (her contributions). I think it’s important that we can keep her on the field every week as long as we can.

She said, “I think she has a lot more to give, but she needs to work on a lot of different parts of her game, so we can’t expect everything at once.”

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