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Real Madrid is going to sue Barcelona over the referee bribe scandal

Real Madrid announced after an emergency board meeting on Sunday that they will side against Barcelona in the judicial proceedings that Barcelona is currently facing as a result of the club’s payments of millions of euros to a business that belonged to the vice president of Spain’s soccer officiating committee over the course of several years.

Two days before the decision was made, the authorities accused Barcelona of sports misconduct, fraudulent management, and making up business papers. This led to the official decision. A judge in charge of the investigation will decide if the charges call for punishments.

After the board meeting, Real Madrid put out a statement in which it said it still had faith in the justice system and was very worried about how bad things were. In the statement, it said, “Real Madrid wants to express its deepest concern about how bad things are.” The team has agreed to go to the meeting as soon as the court lets those who will be affected by the processes do so. This is to protect its legal rights.

Madrid had never said anything official about the issue before, so it was a big deal. Several other teams, as well as the Spanish league and the Spanish soccer group, had already said they didn’t like the payments that Barcelona made. The league also meant to file a case against Barcelona as part of the present process.

Atletico Madrid was one of the teams that said Barcelona’s ties to the refereeing committee official.

On Sunday, Diego Simeone, the boss of Atletico, said, “We hope this is fixed so we can all understand what happened and play by the same rules.

The leader of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, told fans to “stay calm.”

“Barcelona is innocent of the accusations made against it, and now everyone is part of a campaign to hurt its reputation,” Laporta wrote on Twitter. “Everyone is now part of a campaign against the honor of Barcelona,” it’s not a surprise, and we’ll defend Barça and prove that the Club is not guilty. Many people will have to say they’re sorry.

On Friday, when the cops said who they thought did the crime, Laporta was not on the list.

Since the payments to the committee member were made public a month ago, there have been more investigations into Barcelona.

Barcelona has always denied doing anything wrong or having a conflict of interest, and it will keep doing this. Barcelona says that even though it paid for technical reports on referees, it never tried to change how they ruled during games.

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According to court documents obtained by the Associated Press, the government says that between 2001 and 2018, the team made deals worth 7.7 million euros (or 7.3 million euros). They went on to say that the amount wasn’t right because it wasn’t in the club’s rules and wasn’t passed by the club’s general meeting.

Prosecutors alleged that the former vice president of the committee, José María Enríquez Negreira, “in exchange for money, was to carry out acts tending to favor Barcelona football club in the decision-making process of referees in the games played by Barcelona, and in the results of the competitions.”

At the moment, there is no proof that the judges or game scores were changed in any way.

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