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He still chooses to stay in Madrid despite a broken relationship with Ancelotti and a lack of playing time

Eden Hazard, the best player for Real Madrid, has talked about how far apart he and Carlo Ancelotti are.

Hazard says that he and Ancelotti haven’t been able to talk since Ancelotti took him out of the starting squad.

The 32-year-old has had trouble playing well for Real Madrid because he has been sick and the team hasn’t been reliable.

In 2019, Real Madrid sent €100 million to Chelsea to get the Belgian player.

Even though Hazard is in great shape, he hasn’t played a single minute in either the Champions League or La Liga since coming back from the World Cup.

He recently talked about this and said that he wanted to keep playing for Real Madrid after the summer.

“I hope that you’ll let me stay. I have always held on to this. Reports from Diario AS say that Hazard said, “I hope to play and show that I can still do it.”

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“I understand that it’s normal for people to be worried. I, on the other hand, will be here for the whole year. I’m not planning to move anywhere right now, but anything is possible.

“I have the same amount of respect for Ancelotti as he does for me. But we don’t talk to each other, so I won’t assume that we do. Respect will always be there, though.

“A person like Ancelotti deserves my respect, and he has it, because of what he has done in his career and what he stands for in sports.

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