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Chelsea new striker David Fofana scores his first goal against Liverpool

David Fofana’s first goal in the Premier League 2 came in the win over Liverpool last weekend. It was an amazing goal. The striker’s main goals right now are to play in as many games as possible and keep getting better every day.

Fofana, who has already played for Chelsea’s men’s first team, won a penalty kick that helped them beat Liverpool when they were already behind by a goal.

When he got the ball inside the penalty area, he had started the play and was in the best place to finish it.

After the game, Fofana talked about what it was like to play for the Under-21s and how this was a good step for his Chelsea career.

The athlete said, “I’m so happy to be playing football because it’s what I love to do, and every time I step onto the field, it gives me a chance to get better as a player.”

“Even though I hadn’t played with some of the players on this team before, I felt at ease and had a strong connection with them.” I think that the main reason for our success was that I trusted them and they trusted me.

Even though I’m a strong fighter and like the athletic side of the game, I’d like to get better at it. This is because I always want to win. This will get me to the top of the mountain.

Since I moved to England, I’ve noticed that the way the game is played here is very different, and I like it. The best way for me to improve is to keep playing games and quickly learn new things.

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This win over Liverpool was important for many reasons, including the fact that a lot of the team had reason to be happy.

They still have five games left and are tied with Manchester City for the title. Liverpool had won their last two games before this one, so the fact that we were able to beat them was a big deal.

Burstow was happy when he scored his eighth goal of the season. This made him the team’s undisputed leader in goals scored. This young forward has scored five goals for the team in the last eight games they have all played together.

Ben Elliott not only scored the third goal, but he also showed the skills that got him picked for the adult Cameroon team’s next games.

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