The blues would love to give Rumelo Lukaku another chance

Romelu Lukaku is currently on loan at Inter, but one of the club’s past players says that Chelsea would “love” to give him a chance in the first team and then bring him back.

The Belgian star was bought from Inter for a then-record ÂŁ97.5 million in 2021, but he ended up going back to Inter after just one terrible season. In an interview, he questioned how his previous boss, Thomas Tuchel, did things. This made him decide to come back.

Lukaku’s deal with the Blues has three more years to go, and it is likely that he will return to the team this summer. Lukaku only got three goals while playing for Inter because he was out of form and couldn’t play well.

Glen Johnson, a former Chelsea defender, thinks the team will give Romelu Lukaku a chance in training this summer to get their money back. Johnson told the attacker, though, that he needs to do more than he has done before if he wants to keep playing at Stamford Bridge.

Johnson says that it will all depend on what the boss sees from Lukaku during training and the rest of the season at Inter Milan. If he comes back and acts the same way he did before, he will be thrown out the door and sent somewhere else right away.

He might still have a chance at Chelsea, though, if he goes back with the piece in his teeth and is ready to work hard, dig in, and show everyone how much he wants to be there.

He has already cost Chelsea a lot of money, so it’s best for everyone if they let him go.

Lukaku faces an unsure future

Lukaku has had two chances to play for Chelsea, but he hasn’t been able to help the team much in either of those games. As a young boy, Lukaku became a big fan of Chelsea and Didier Drogba, the team’s former scorer.

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The 29-year-old forward didn’t score any goals in his first 15 games with the team, but he scored eight goals in the Premier League in his next two years with the team, which ended last summer.

The Italian team isn’t sure if they should keep Lukaku because he hasn’t done very well and isn’t very fit. They thought that they could add another year to his debt or even make the switch permanent.

Chelsea, on the other hand, needs goals badly and has had trouble replacing Lukaku with a striker who can also drive the ball in and score goals.

Because Lukaku makes a lot of money, doesn’t always play well, and has been injured for long, it may be hard for Chelsea to continue with him. So, he might have to show himself again in West London, whether the club likes it or not.


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