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Eden Hazard could go back to France as Real Madrid wants to release him

Alexis Sanchez will now wear an Olympic Marseille, which shows that Pablo Longoria made the right choice. The OM president made a smart decision, and now the Marseille team is in a strong second place in the Ligue 1 standings. He was ready to take on a more difficult job.

Eden Hazard could be on his way back to Ligue

Real Madrid has never taken advantage of the fact that they have Eden Hazard. Since coming from Chelsea, the star player from Lille has been sick and played poorly. Fabrizio Romano, an Italian writer, says that the future of the Belgian will be decided in the next few weeks.

Talks between “Real Madrid and Eden Hazard’s camp” will start very soon in order to figure out how to help him. Since September 11, when he last played, the striking player has not been in La Liga. “The internal will is that Eden Hazard leaves the club this summer,” a Real Madrid source said if a strong offer is made.

Due to his bad form, Eden Hazard can no longer play for top teams like PSG or Manchester City. It’s important that everyone knows this. Because of this and the fact that he is 32 years old, he is now in a group of players that second-tier European teams are interested in. Since this is the case, OM might decide to try a lot.

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Even though his market value was thought to be 150 million euros in 2018, it is only 7.5 million euros on Transfermarkt right now. If he doesn’t want to stop his high-level career by moving to Turkey or somewhere else far away, he may see Olympique de Marseille’s focus as a big obstacle to overcome if he wants to stay as one of the top five teams in Europe’s top leagues.

This is assuming, of course, that he won’t want to spend his golden years in Turkey or some other faraway place.

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