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“Bukayo Saka is an underrated player” – Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell, a former striker in the Premier League, thinks that Arsenal defender Bukayo Saka is not getting the credit he deserves, even though he has played well so far this season.

Saka has shown why he should be considered the best player on the team, and the Gunners are currently in first place in the Premier League. Kevin Campbell thinks that the England national team player doesn’t get the credit he deserves, even though he plays well almost every week.

Campbell said that Saka has already been named the team’s Player of the Season twice, and in 2022, he was named England’s Player of the Year. He said the following in an interview with the Football Daily Podcast:

“I think that when you win, especially if you win a lot, people value you more than they would otherwise. Think about this: at age 21, he has been named Arsenal’s star of the season for the past two years, and he won the same award for England the year before.

Campbell has said that Saka might not get the praise he gets until the Gunners win a silverware.

The former Everton forward pointed out that some of Saka’s rivals, like Mason Mount and Phil Foden, had won important games. He thinks that the quick-footed shooter needs to be given awards in order to get the attention he deserves. Added him:

Given how much competition he faces, I’m sure that getting awards will help him become well-known. He plays against people like Phil Foden, and we all know that both City and Foden can win titles. He has a hard job to do. Since Mason Mount has won the Champions League, it seems likely that he can play well against players of that level. I don’t think Bukayo Saka will get the credit he deserves until Arsenal finally wins a trophy.

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Saka has played in all 35 games for the team managed by Mikel Arteta this season. He has scored 11 goals and set up 9 others.

He has already made 166 starts for the giants of north London and has scored 34 goals and given 38 assists. Even though he’s only 21.

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