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Graham Potter reveals what Mason Mount said about his future at Chelsea

Graham Potter has said that he told Mason Mount that he has a future at Chelsea, even though the midfielder’s position is still unclear.

Mount’s current deal is coming to an end, and there are no longer any plans to keep it going. Because of this, Liverpool and a few other Premier League teams have shown interest. Chelsea still wants to keep Mount, but they have said that if the 24-year-old, who came up through the club’s academy, keeps turning down their offers, they may have to sell him in the summer.

When asked about Mount’s position at the press conference before the trip to Leicester on Friday, Potter praised the England player for how he handled himself, even though there were fears behind the scenes.

Potter said that in the end, the team and Mason would have to decide. I’ve had a lot of conversations with him about life, sports, and the position he’s in.

It is not a secret to me what I think about Mason. First and foremost, he is a great guy, but things like this do happen. Because they are just complicated, I should say as little as possible about them. Instead, I should just let them figure out what the best thing to do is on their own.

When asked if he had told Mount that he wanted the player to stay with the team, Potter said, “Yes, but I’m not stupid.” I know that this is both a big deal and an important event for him. All of these things must be good for him and his family. It is important for him to make a choice based on this assumption.

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The speaker said that, like everyone else, he wants to take part. Before he can be used, he will probably need a little more time to get over his minor illness and be able to work at full capacity. He likes talking to other people and wants the team to do well. Mason does the same thing over and over again in this way. He wants to help, and he hopes that the team will do well. He wants to keep playing football, so he doesn’t want to hurt himself.

Newcastle United, Manchester City, and Manchester United are also said to be interested in Mount’s situation, but Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team is in the best place to keep an eye on the player during the summer transfer window. More than just Liverpool cares about the situation with Mount.

Liverpool sees Mount as a low-cost arrival who could help Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham make his debut. Bellingham is their top goal. Liverpool will start to rebuild in the middle after this season is over.


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