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“He was the worse Chelsea player in the match against Dortmund” – Frank Leboeuf

Raheem Sterling was the worst player for Chelsea in their win over Borussia Dortmund, according to Frank Leboeuf.

The mood at Stamford Bridge has changed a lot this week since Chelsea beat Dortmund 2-0 at home on Tuesday night and moved on to the semifinals of the Champions League.

Graham Potter’s team finally gave fans a reason to be happy with a great performance on European Night at Stamford Bridge.

After Sterling’s amazing half-volley tied the score, the game was even. After that, Kai Havertz showed a lot of courage by hitting a second penalty after the first one was missed. Leboeuf, a commentator who used to play defence for the Blues, said something surprising about Sterling’s performance.

Even though his goal was important, he didn’t believe the 28-year-old’s performance and said he was “very clumsy.”

I think they all did well, with the possible exception of Raheem Sterling, who I thought was very awkward and not as good as the others. He did well because he was able to reach the goal.

This week, Sterling didn’t do a great job in the game against Dortmund. But the way he fits in with Havertz and Joao Felix as part of the new attack really excites us.

After hitting his seventh goal of the year, he was dangerous and moved in a smart way.

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He is one of Chelsea’s most dangerous goal-scorers right now, even though he is still trying to get back to the kind of form he had when he played for Manchester City.

Sterling seems eager to take on more responsibilities as a more important member of the team. For example, after missing the first penalty shot against Dortmund, Havertz said he wanted to take the second one.

We think he should get to play again this weekend when Chelsea goes to Leicester City for a Premier League game.

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