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Mikel Arteta talks about quitting Arsenal job to join Real Madrid

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, has talked about rumors that he wants to be the manager at Real Madrid.

When asked by the reporters on Wednesday before their Europa League game against Sporting, Arteta said he is “fully focused” on the Premier League team he plays for now.

The Gunners are currently in first place in the league because they have won 20 of their first 26 games.

Arteta chose to join Arsenal in December 2019, so he quit his job at Manchester City as Pep Guardiola’s assistant.

In the first year the Spaniard was with the team, the FA Cup was won. But the fact that the Gunners came in eighth place in their first full season with him led to calls for him to be fired.

Arteta overcame a tough stretch and a drop in performance at the end of the season last year to make the group a title candidate this year.

Arteta has been talked about as a possible replacement for Carlo Ancelotti by Real Madrid, which has allegedly looked at him for the job.

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In answer to a question about the rumors, Arteta said that team managers and players have no power over what is written in the news.

He said, “All I can say is that I’m completely dedicated to my job at this sports team, and I’m very happy and grateful to be able to do what I’m doing there.”

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