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Thomas Tuchel to replace Graham Potter as Chelsea coach?

It is said that there is no chance at all that Chelsea will choose Thomas Tuchel to replace Graham Potter as the team’s manager.

The Athletic says that his style of management makes it impossible to keep lines of communication open with higher-ups in the club’s organisational structure.

The former manager of Brighton is now in charge at Stamford Bridge, where he is under a lot of pressure. This is because he oversaw one of the worst streaks of play the club has ever had in the Premier League.

He took a risk with how he played against Leeds United in that game, and the loss over the weekend almost certainly meant that his time with the club was over.

The Blues’ success was due in large part to Wesley Fofana’s ability to set a good example and Potter’s choice of a back three.

The win only gives the players and coaches at Chelsea Bridge a short break from the stress that is building up as they prepare for tonight’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund, which is the biggest game of the season.

Thomas Tuchel won’t return to Chelsea

There have been talks about a number of possible candidates for Potter’s job if Todd Boehly decides to fire him from his current job.

One candidate, Luis Enrique, is said to be excited about getting the job because he wants to lead teams again.

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Some fans may wonder why they haven’t heard anything about Tuchel possibly coming back to the club after all he did while he was there.

On the other hand, The Athletic has made it clear that the 49-year-old star will never come back to the team as long as the current management is in charge.

The owners of the Stamford Bridge club are crossing their fingers that Potter will be able to turn around his recent drop in performance and lead the team to victory.

Even so, if they lose to Dortmund tonight, the fans are likely to lose all patience with the manager and demand that the team hire a new one.

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