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Marco Asensio is not happy with his coach Carlo Ancelotti

The last few results for Real Madrid have not been good. After their impressive 5-2 win against Liverpool at Anfield, people were sure that they would be able to finish the season on a high note. Simply put, the results since then have been nothing but depressing, as they haven’t even won a single game.

At the Santiago Stadium, Carlo Ancelotti’s team tied 1-1 with Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, whose team was down to ten players. Then, even though they were missing key players like Robert Lewandowski, Pedri, and Ousmane Dembele, Barca beat them in their own stadium. During the game, Real Betis also stopped them from scoring.

Even with all of this going on, it seems like Marco Asensio is unhappy with how his life is going. Against Real Betis and Barcelona, he came on as a substitute but did not play. He also took part in the game for a short time at Liverpool. Even though the Spaniard started the game against Atlético Madrid, he did not do a very good job overall.

According to SPORT, Asensio and those close to him are upset with Ancelotti’s recent sports decisions. The professional football player is giving his future a lot of thought.

Ancelotti’s decisions are criticised by Marco Asensio

Asensio earned a spot on the team through his hard work during the season, and he’s been in pretty good shape lately. Real Madrid is having trouble finding its footing right now, so it doesn’t look like he will be out of the picture again.

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The contract Asensio has now is set to end in the summer. At this point, we don’t know if he will stay with Madrid or switch teams to try to get better chances. There have been rumours that Los Blancos might offer him a new contract if certain things happen.

Take a look into the future to see what Asensio has in mind for us. And if Ancelotti will give him more steady playing time in the future.

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