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Real Madrid plans to sign €75 million striker next summer

Real Madrid needs more players to join the team. They are in a position where there is only one great option in many places on the field. It’s easy to see how this could be a problem for a team that has had trouble with injuries in the past. The Whites got off to a great start, but as the season went on, they couldn’t keep up with the other teams.

One spot on the team that needs to be filled quickly is a striker. Even though there isn’t much more to say about Karim Benzema’s skills, it’s true that he’s been hurt a lot lately and has missed a lot of games.

On the other hand, Mariano Diaz hasn’t played much and doesn’t seem to be a key part of Carlo Ancelotti’s plans right now. When his current contract ends in the summer, people think he will leave the club to look for other opportunities.

ESPN says that Real Madrid is thinking about using Dusan Vlahovic of Juventus as a sub to improve their offence. Los Blancos must work hard over the summer to improve their front line.

Since joining Juventus a little over a year ago, Vlahovic has done well. Real Madrid is thinking about trading €75 million to get him this summer. But it looks like it might not be the best club for him to move up in.

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One way to look at it is that Massimiliano Allegri’s team puts defence first. On the other hand, Juventus has recently docked 15 points, which means it is unlikely that they will make it to the Champions League the next season.

Vlahovic has done well for Juventus since he moved there from Fiorentina for €75 million, even though the team’s style of play might not be the best fit for him. Transfermarkt says that he has played in 40 games for the Italian powerhouses, scoring 18 goals and setting up 5 others.


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