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“He’s going to silence everyone!” Rio Ferdinand says who he thinks will win the Champions League

Rio Ferdinand is sure that Manchester City will win the Champions League this season, even though they haven’t had much luck in the past and Pep Guardiola has had a lot of close calls.

Rio Ferdinand thinks that Pep Guardiola, the head coach of Manchester City, will “keep everyone quiet” after predicting correctly that Manchester City would win the Champions League.

The tournament was more even than usual because some European heavyweights didn’t play as well as they usually do. Even so, all of the league’s best teams made it to the knockout stages, and Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain are among the favourites to win the title in June when the finals are held in Istanbul.

Since its rich owners took over the team a little more than 10 years ago, City has put winning the Champions League at the top of its list of goals. Guardiola hasn’t won the competition in the last 12 years, even though he won it twice with Barcelona. His strategy for knockout games has been criticised.

Rio Ferdinand, however, is hopeful that the English champions, who are currently tied with Arsenal for first place in the domestic rankings, can finally end their European curse now that Erling Haaland is on their team. They won their group, and now they will face the German team RB Leipzig.

This is what the BT Sport announcer said would happen: “In other words, the task is too hard. I’m going to have to pick City because Haaland and Pep are so driven to win this game. Even though he has played in the Premier League, he thinks that he belongs in the Champions League. If he is successful, a lot of people will stop talking.”

For the last game in 2021, Guardiola gave his best performance since he left Barcelona. Even though Chelsea beat them in Porto, they were still seen as the favourites before the game. The season before, they had a good chance to get back to the championship game, but Real Madrid won.

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With Erling Haaland, Manchester City will have a better chance of winning the Champions League

Guardiola says that winning the most important trophy in Europe is not a “obsession,” and even if he did win it, it wouldn’t change his status in Manchester. “My life has nothing to do with who wins the Champions League. I would be eager to try it, like most people. This is not an obsessive habit, “He talked about the year before.

“to get better at what they do and make the team as a whole better. This is the most important thing to me. My only goal here is to improve not only how well the team does as a whole, but also how well each player does. Everyone knows that the championships are open, but right now, I’m not worried about what will happen in 11 months, whether we win or lose. If we succeed, it will show how smart we are. If we don’t, it will show how bad we are. There will not be any big changes.”

The next Wednesday, City will play their opponent in the first leg of their round of 16 game in Germany. The second game will be played at the Etihad Stadium. Guardiola’s team played Leizpig twice last season. They won once, in Manchester, but lost their last group game at the Red Bull Arena.

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