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Arsene Wenger talks on Man City being relegated because of sanctions

The decision by the Premier League to charge Manchester City a fee surprised Arsene Wenger, who used to be the manager of Arsenal. Arsene Wenger said he was shocked by the choice.

The Premier League had filed more than a hundred complaints against Manchester the week before, saying that the city had broken the rules for “financial fair play.”

Wenger, who played in the Premier League for more than 20 years, doesn’t think Manchester City will be relegated or lose their titles if they are found guilty.

Even though the Premier League has charged Manchester City with 115 FFP violations going back to 2009, the club has strongly denied any involvement.

Wenger was asked if he thought it was possible for City to be kicked out of the Premier League. Arsene Wenger used to criticize Manchester City and Chelsea for how much they spent on new players. During his time at the Emirates Stadium, they even paid too much for some of Arsenal’s best legs. Wenger said that he didn’t think it was likely that City would drop out of the Premier League.

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BeIN Sport said that Wenger had said, “very humble. Yes, in my opinion.

“At this point, I feel like I know Khaldoon (Al Mubarak) pretty well, and I think he’s a smart, honest man. The accusations they face surprised me a little, but let’s wait and see what happens.

“If they are found guilty, they will get the punishments they deserve. I don’t know what form they will take.”

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