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Arsenal’s title chances increase as Man City could lose their star player

Erling Haaland’s name has been brought up in connection with a possible move to Real Madrid. This is because Manchester City’s recent bad play has put them further behind Arsenal in the race for the Premier League title.

Now that Mikel Arteta’s team is in first place in the Premier League standings, Arsenal fans are having a good time.

The Gunners are currently in the first place because they have five more points than Manchester City, who are now in second place. This season, Manchester City has also played one more league game, and the two teams will meet at the Emirates Stadium the following Wednesday. Since they haven’t been as dominant as they were in the past, the Citizens now depend on striker Erling Haaland for most of their goals.

Haaland has already scored 25 goals this season, which puts him on track to break the Premier League record for most goals scored in a single season. The Premier League record for most goals scored in a single season now belongs to Mohamed Salah’s 2017–18 season. Haaland joined City in the summer. Even though his recent play has been criticized, Defensa Central, a Spanish newspaper, said that the Norwegian international has not yet “tuned in” to how City manager Pep Guardiola plays the game.

After Haaland didn’t score against Tottenham, Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports that Haaland “joined the wrong club.” Haaland’s performance made Carragher say what he did. “Think of the goal he scored against West Ham when there was space behind and he came in behind,” he said to explain. I know that because of how City plays, that doesn’t always happen, but that’s how they play.

He used to play in the Bundesliga, which is an end-to-end league with a counterattacking style. You could see his lightning-fast speed there, but not here. He might have joined the wrong club since it didn’t help him show off his best qualities.

Real Madrid, one of the best teams in Spain, has been rumoured to be interested in signing the talented striker for a long time, and those rumours are likely to start up again this summer. The main centre forward for Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, is 35 years old, so this seems very likely.

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Arsenal fans will be happy to hear that there are rumours about Haaland’s future and that their team might still be one of City’s title challengers after this season. Bukayo Saka, William Saliba, and Gabriel Martinelli are all getting better while playing on Arteta’s team.

Martinelli, a Brazilian striker, had just signed a new long-term deal, which made Edu, who was in charge of technical operations, very happy. The director of player transfers thought it was great that Gabi had agreed to stay with the organization for longer. “The roots of our team are still being built on young talent, so it’s great that Gabi has agreed to a new contract so we can keep building those roots.

“Gabi is only 21, but he has a lot of skill and personality for his age. Because he is so important to our future, we are glad that a new deal has been made.



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