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Erling Haaland could leave Mancity for PSG in the summer because of sanctions

Erling Haaland could leave the team in just a year when he moved from Dortmund to Manchester City.

Erling Haaland signed with Manchester City in July 2022 with a lot of fanfare and a check for 60 million euros. He may already be leaving the team and its players. As a result of the English League’s investigation, the Citizens are now being looked into for one hundred different violations related to transfers and contracts that happened over the past nine seasons. So, it’s possible that the current Premier League champion will get a big fine or be kicked out of the league in the next few weeks.

Statistics from Defensa Central also show that Erling Haaland could use this situation to find a new base in the summer of 2023. Haaland’s first choice is Real Madrid, but he knows he can’t rule out other options in the future. Paris Saint-Germain could be one of those options. Nasser Al-Khelafi and the people in charge in Paris are still working on this big topic.

PSG ready to sign Erling Haaland?

Erling Haaland’s contract with Manchester City runs until June 30, 2027. However, the SkyBlues have given him a 200 million euro release clause that would let him leave in the summer of 2024. The Norwegian football player, who is now 22 years old, may leave a year earlier than planned, maybe in the summer of 2023. He might be the obvious choice to replace Karim Benzema as the main striker for Real Madrid next season.

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In five months, Paris Saint-Germain, who wants to replace Kylian Mbappé with a world-class number 9, might try to sign the Norwegian international.

The top leaders of the club in Paris think that Haaland has what it takes to work well with Mbappé at the front of the attack. Haaland has played in 28 games in all competitions and has scored 31 goals and set up 3 others. Mbappé scores the most goals for the team.

In the coming months, Paris SG is likely to come up again when people talk about transfers. This is because the club was not able to sign any new players during the winter transfer window.


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