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Todd Boehly hires new Chelsea coach Gilbert Enoka

West London’s power players Chelsea have added a new coach to its team to help with the mental side of the game.

The Blues have hired mental skills coach Gilbert Enoka, who has a lot of experience, to help their players develop a winning mindset.

Enoka became well-known for his work with the All Blacks. Now, he is in charge of giving the Chelsea team a winning attitude at Stamford Bridge.

According to The Telegraph, Enoka has been given a job as a temporary consultant. Enoka has worked for a number of years in rugby, netball, and cricket, but this will be his first job in football.

Enoka will be in charge of helping Chelsea’s new players get used to the team and fostering a sense of team unity among the players as part of his job.

Since the team is struggling after spending more than 600 million pounds on players, Chelsea’s management will be hoping that their new coach has an immediate effect on the players. In their last seven games, they only had one win and only scored three goals.

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The Blues will play West Ham United in the Premier League the following Saturday. They will start their return to the Champions League the following week when they go to Borussia Dortmund.


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