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100 million euro worth midfielder chooses to join Arsenal over Chelsea

The upcoming summer season is the perfect time for Arsenal to get back at Chelsea.

A midfielder worth £100 million would rather play for the Gunners than for Chelsea or Manchester United. Arsenal’s Leandro Trossard admitted that he was being looked at by other teams but decided to join the Gunners.

West Ham midfielder Declan Rice prefers Arsenal over Chelsea

A story in the Guardian says that Declan Rice wants to join Arsenal this summer. Rice’s comments after Gunner’s game against West Ham United on Boxing Day this season, in which he said how much he liked Mikel Arteta, led to talks between the two sides.

The player told The Guardian that he would like to play for the Gunners, even though Chelsea and Manchester United are also interested. Since the player’s current contract is set to end in 2024, West Ham United may have to lower their asking price from £100 million to £80 million.

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Leandro Trossard looked like he was about to sign with Tottenham

Leandro Trossard just joined Arsenal, but The Mirror says he told them he was very close to joining Spurs. The dishonest winger says that his agency talked to Tottenham Hotspur about the deal, but it took the Gunners more work to make it happen.


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