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“Arsenal won’t win title,” – Gary Neville reacts after Arsenal’s 3-2 victory over United

Gary Neville, the former captain of Manchester United, is sure that Arsenal will not win the Premier League title, even though the Gunners beat the Red Devils 3-2 on Sunday.

Neville thinks that Arsenal will play Manchester City twice more this season, and that City has more experience than Arsenal.

“Now, they (Manchester City) are in a real race for the title. They’ve dealt with similar problems in the past and come out on top, but now they’re way behind. Even if Arsenal wins the game they have already played, they will still have to play them twice more. Because of this, they might fall eight points behind the leaders.

Neville added, “I don’t think Arsenal will win the league. They haven’t won it in 20 years, and most of these players haven’t either.” “Because of this, I don’t think they’ll win this year,”

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If they want to win the league, they need to show that they can make it through the second half of the season.

This Friday, City will play Arsenal in the FA Cup. On February 15, City will play Arsenal in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium.


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