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”Messi is the worst player in the world, Man United’s Garnacho is far better than him,” – IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed called Lionel Messi “the worst player in the world” he also said the Argentine forward’s main skill is dribbling the ball.

Messi has been known for a long time as one of the best athletes in the history of sports. But since he helped Argentina win the World Cup in Qatar last year, many people now think he is the best football player ever.

The famous streamer Speed, who has said in the past that he hates Messi and loves Cristiano Ronaldo, was not impressed by the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner’s performance.

Someone once said, “Messi could be the worst football player in the world.” Speed yelled on the most recent episode of Kit Collector after acting like a dog and barking when he saw a Messi jersey.

“Don’t ever show me that kit again, man. What exactly is your problem?”

When asked why he hates Messi so much, he said the following: “Okay. Do you want me to tell you everything that’s true? Messi’s main skill is being able to dribble the ball. He can no longer do anything but dribble. I’ll give him that much. Even though I don’t like Messi, I have to admit that dribbling is his only skill.

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“Messi has a skill move that is kind of like a three-star move in FIFA terms. Try to guess how many stars Ronaldo has: five. Messi is only about 5 feet 3 inches tall and isn’t a very good player, so he can only dribble on the field.

“You probably remember Alejandro Garnacho that plays for Manchester United. He is even more talented than Messi, in my opinion. He knows how to move skillfully… It shouldn’t surprise you that he can’t play well.”


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