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They cannot win the title – Redknapp names club that won’t win the Premier League title

Jamie Redknapp, who played for England as a midfielder, has said that he believes it would be difficult for Manchester United to win the Premier League championship.

Redknapp made these comments when appearing on Sky Sports after Manchester United and Crystal Palace played to a 1-1 tie on Wednesday night.

Despite the fact that they had obviously improved under Erik ten Hag’s tutelage, he believes that the outcome may have put a stop to their chances of launching a Premier League campaign.

“Before the game, I didn’t really feel that Manchester United had a shot of winning the Premier League.

The amount of progress that they have achieved up to this point is incredible, despite the fact that I still believe that they have a lot of work to do.

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“However, I feel that the title for this season is a little bit of a stretch. They got off to a terrible start, which left them with an overwhelming amount of work to accomplish, Redknapp remarked.

Having played a game more than the leaders, United are currently eight points behind Arsenal in the standings.

This next Sunday, both teams will compete against one other at the Emirates.


  1. It’s obvious that the Champion club is algaecide identified by it’s sustainable performance of the season. That is at the existence of very huge limitation in the club. May be some limitations I confidently mention include
    1) The defeated they face by Manchester United was by the case of unfair decision by the refree
    2) The drop they faced on the game with Newcastle United was also an other unfair decision by the degree.
    3) There is also a huge limitation in the squad in that it’s so narrow to substitute players. But, may be such a problem will be solved after January transfer window.

    Thus, Arsenal will really become a CHAMPION in this season.

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