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Real Madrid wants to sign a young Manchester United midfielder

Real Madrid is trying very hard to get a good player from Manchester United. The club knows it needs to get more people to help out.

Real Madrid’s loss to Barcelona could lead to a number of different things. After the rival team beat the whites by 3-1, Carlo Ancelotti said he would add players to his team during the winter transfer window. The Italian head coach doesn’t think his team has what it takes to win the King’s Cup, La Liga, or the Champions League. With this in mind, the former PSG coach would have asked his boss to sign more players.

Real Madrid is currently looking to sign England international Jude Bellingham, but the club is also keeping an eye on a number of other players. This is especially true of Alejandro Garnacho, an Argentine midfielder for Manchester United who is a sign of hope. Fabrizio Romano knows that Real Madrid wants the Red Devils midfielder, which is a sign that he is a valuable treasure. Alejandro Garnacho’s first season on a professional team went well, and he was praised for how he played.

Real Madrid has been keeping an eye on Argentine talent for a long time. The Merengues have tried in the past to get him from Atlético Madrid in 2020. Three years later, the people of Madrid had another chance to take the lead and hire one of the best young players in the Premier League. Real Madrid has a chance to make use of the fact that Alejandro Garnacho’s current contract will end in 2024. If they do this, they will be able to hire the Argentinian striker at a better price.

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Real Madrid wants players who are young and smart

The people in charge of Real Madrid are also looking at Gianluca Prestianni and Alejandro Garnacho. In the next few months, the Merengues may pay the release clause, which is now set at 12 million euros, to get the winger who plays for Velez Sarsfield. After getting Endrick, the Merengues want to keep building their team for the future, so they want to get more talented young players. Along with Gianluca Prestianni and Alejandro Garnacho, Vinicius Tobias, a right-back from Brazil, is another player whose buyout clause Real Madrid might be able to waive.


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