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Patrick Vieira warns Arsenal and Mancity that Man United could win Premier League title

Patrick Vieira warns Arsenal and Mancity

A report said that an ex-Arsenal player warned Manchester City and Arsenal that Manchester United could make a strong comeback.

Patrick Vieira, a former player for Arsenal and Manchester City, has warned his old teammates about the “different” Manchester United they will face this year in the race for the title. It happens when the Red Devils have done enough to join the discussion about who will win the Premier League title.

Over the weekend, Manchester City lost to Manchester United by a score of 2-1. After this win, the Red Devils are only one point behind Man City in the league. They are now nine points behind Arsenal, and they will play a game against each other that could make or break the race for first place.

Mikel Arteta said that they could only forget about winning a championship by trying to play better and focusing on what they were already good at. “The team is already there, and even though we did everything perfectly, there are still a lot of things that could be done better. Even though we know about it, we will continue to do our jobs the same way.”

A victory over Tottenham made their chances got better, but now Manchester United has a chance to play a role. Even though it’s not clear if United can make a serious run at the title, Vieira, a former midfielder who is now the manager of Crystal Palace, is sure that United will be in the race for the title.

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He told the media on Tuesday, “When you look at their last couple of games, the number of wins, and how close they are to the top, I think they can be [in a title race].” The south London team is on a losing streak, with Sunday’s 1-0 loss at Chelsea being their fourth league loss in their last five games. The Eagles and Red Devils will play each other on Wednesday in a very important game for both teams.

Vieira also said “Last year’s United team is not the same club we see now. It will be important for us to play with the same level of intensity and calmness that we did against Chelsea. We’ll have a better chance of winning this game if we can play as we do in front of our home fans.”


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