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Chelsea to sack Graham Potter soon as they offer Zidane 44.5 million euro to coach Chelsea

Graham Potter is getting more and more criticism after a string of bad performances in the Premier League.

Rumour has it that Chelsea’s leaders have made a big offer to Zinedine Zidane as they prepare for life without Graham Potter. It was clear that the goal of this offer was to get Zidane to sign. Co-owner Todd Boehly says that if Zidane works as a manager at Stamford Bridge, he could make more money than any other manager in the world. Since Roman Abramovich gave the club to Boehly, he hasn’t been shy about spending the money.

Potter’s time in west London started off well. He went nine games without a win, but he beat AC Milan both at home and away in the Champions League. Even so, when his old team, Brighton, beat them in a humiliating way, things started to get even worse.

After that, the Blues lost a string of Premier League games until Potter’s team beat Crystal Palace by a small margin on Sunday. During that time, the Blues were only able to win once. Serious worries have been raised about the 47-year-old man, who was put under a lot more pressure when he became the Blues’ manager.

Even though they beat Palace thanks to a header from Kai Havertz, which was the first sign of life in weeks, worries about Potter’s safety remain, and sources in Spain say that things are moving forward behind the scenes.

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zidane Even though the 50-year-old former manager hasn’t been in charge of any club since 2021, Boehly is reportedly willing to pay him more than any other manager in the world.

Eduardo Inda is said to have told El Chiringuito that Zidane had a firm offer from an English club. especially from the Chelsea neighbourhood. They are thinking about getting rid of their coach, Potter because he makes the team look poor.


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