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Lionel Messi makes a big decision about Barcelona

Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain has made a decision that would change his life drastically after the match against Stade Rennais on Sunday (which ended 1-0).

Lionel Messi will be a free agent on June 30 because he hasn’t signed a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. A Spanish news source has brought up again the possibility that the Argentine striker will return to FC Barcelona at the end of this season. But the most important person in the situation doesn’t seem to be thinking about this idea at all right now.

Lionel Messi has heard enough about Barcelona at this point

Lionel Messi has said that he will not go back to Catalonia after spending more than twenty years of his career playing for FC Barcelona. El Nacional reports that the former captain of the Blaugrana has said he doesn’t want to play for Barcelona again.

Messi thinks that his time with FC Barcelona is over, and he doesn’t think that going back to Camp Nou would be good for his reputation. Messi is now 35 years old. This decision has surprised a lot of people, especially Barcelona’s fans and club officials, who wanted him to come back to Camp Nou for a proper send-off after all he has done for the team.

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Gaston Edul, a reporter for the news source TyC Sports, says that Lionel Messi and the people in charge at Paris Saint-Germain have come to an agreement in principle about extending his contract until 2024. Some rumours say that the new contract between Messi and PSG could include a clause for an extra season. This would be good for the french club.

Reports say that the  French capital club and the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner’s father are already talking about making sure that the Argentine player, stays in Ligue 1 for at least one more season. Even though Messi makes close to 30 million euros a year now, his income would go up by a huge amount. Foreign news agencies say that the person who learned from Christophe Galtier makes a net income of 40 million euros each year.


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