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After losing mudryk Arsenal wants to sign Barcelona striker Raphinha

FC Barcelona, which is now in first place in La Liga, needs to keep buying and selling players over the winter to strengthen their squad.

As of right now, FC Barcelona hasn’t bought or sold any players during the winter transfer window. This has been the case for just over two weeks. This means that the window on FC Barcelona’s side is now pretty quiet. Even though the transfer market is already in full swing, things may get better for Barcelona in the coming days, especially if Memphis Depay leaves, which seems more likely by the day. The Dutch striker may not be the only one leaving Camp Nou in January, though.

Teams are already looking for ways to replace other offensive players who may leave Catalonia in the coming weeks. This is the situation that Arsenal is in right now. Mykhailo Mudryk was supposed to join the team, but he ended up signing with Chelsea instead. This was a big setback for the team. To get back on its feet and find a replacement for Gabriel Jesus, who got hurt during the 2022 World Cup, the London club would want to set itself up for a player from FC Barcelona.

Arsenal is paying a lot of attention to Raphinha

According to the British news site Sky Sports, Arsenal is trying to make up for not being able to sign Mykhailo Mudryk. To do this, the Gunners are keeping a close eye on Raphinha, whose support for FC Barcelona hasn’t been unanimous in recent weeks, and the Brazilian’s departure may be right around the corner. Rafinha’s recent play seems to show that he is no longer 100% on FC Barcelona’s side.

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In the summer, Raphinha moved from Leeds to FC Barcelona for an estimated price of 60 million euros. The FC Barcelona board was not impressed with Raphinha’s play in the first half of the season. As a result, the midfielder may return to the Premier League in January. Since Arsenal would have confirmed the name of the Brazilian international and Barcelona is open to the idea of a player leaving during the winter, talks could start soon.


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