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Todd Boehly sacking Graham Potter won’t solve Chelsea’s problem

Sacking Potter is not a solution

In each of the last four seasons, since Abramovich took over, Chelsea finished at least 19 points behind the team that won the Premier League title. This was made possible by the guidance of three different head coaches. The gap between Manchester City and the other club grew and kept getting bigger, and this was true in all of their games against each other this season.

The team’s problems were hidden for a year by Chelsea’s many cup wins, especially in the Champions League, and by Tuchel’s skills as a manager at the time. But the problems kept coming back, such as an unbalanced midfield, an unreliable offence, and a careless way of building the team over a number of years.

Boehly and Eghbali want to change this, so they have come up with a completely new way to hire people. Tuchel lost his job because of the Great Plan. Potter, who had done a similar job well at Brighton & Hove Albion, replaced the German because it was thought that the German couldn’t do well in an environment that encouraged open communication and teamwork.

Because of this decision, Tuchel was able to leave Chelsea with a lot of his great reputation still intact. Most of Abramovich’s predecessors at Stamford Bridge did not have this luxury, since he often changed players and coaches only when things got too bad.

Because of this, it has been hard for Potter to get out from behind Tuchel. Fans and people on social media often make comparisons between the two managers, and calls to bring back the German have gotten louder as Chelsea’s play has gotten worse because of more injuries.

Potter is not the only person to blame for Chelsea’s problems since the start of November. In most of the Blues’ recent losses, the other team was better at strategy than he was, and this was made worse by the fact that he didn’t seem to be able to change the pace of games by switching players. He hasn’t been able to stop the downward trend that has continued over the World Cup break, which is another reason to worry.

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But Chelsea’s problems are not caused by Potter. He is not to blame for how badly the club has been run over the past five years. It’s not his fault that the futures of some players are uncertain. The problems that have happened off the field and must be dealt with at Stamford Bridge behind closed doors are not his fault.

After the 4-0 loss to Manchester City, Graham Potter said, “We understand the fans’ disappointment, and we’ll respect it.” Because of this, Chelsea was knocked out of the FA Cup in the third round for the first time in 25 years. Adding, “We’ll treat them with respect,” Potter said. “Because the results were bad, there will always be a different point of view, as well as criticism and negative comments. This is both a problem and something that needs to be done.”

That problem might be worse than Potter ever thought. The list could also include Boehly and Eghbali. Chelsea has needed a reset for a long time, but the idea has always been brushed off in favour of patching things up, which is a quick fix. Even though it will be hard for people who have helped us in the past, it is time to stop doing that.


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