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Again!! Barcelona tries to sign another Chelsea striker this winter

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wants to go back to Barca, which is in a great position to win the Spanish league this year.

Real Madrid is now three points behind Barca in La Liga, and it looks like they won’t win the league title this year. The club that Xavi leads might win the Spanish league for the first time since 2019. Because of this, the people in charge at Barcelona would want to do everything they could to help the Spanish coach. FC Barcelona might be able to improve their team by bringing back a Premier League player during the winter transfer window.

Gerard Romero says that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who plays for Chelsea now, would be interested in signing a deal to come back to Barcelona. The Gabonese striker was let go from Barcelona in the summer of 2022 so that the club could make room for all of the new players who joined over the summer. Chelsea wrote a check for 20 million euros to hire the striker who used to play for Arsenal.

Since he joined the team, Aubameyang has gotten a lot of bad press, his team fell to 10th position in the Premier League rankings. Barca will want to take advantage of Chelsea’s problems to re-sign the captain of the Gabonese national team for a cheaper transfer fee. Even so, the striker, who is now 33 years old, will have to take a pay cut in order to go back to Barcelona.

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Barcelona might give up Depay or Kessie

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can’t be moved to FC Barcelona at this time. Barca is still in danger of getting fined by La Liga and having their ability to sign new players limited. During the winter, Barcelona would have found a way to add Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to their team. Gerard Romero said that FC Barcelona could make it possible to sign the Gabonese striker if they sold either Franck Kessie or Memphis Depay. This means that Aubameyang’s return will depend on Depay and Kessie


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