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Manchester United responds as PSG tries to sign Marcus Rashford

Nasser Al-Khelafi, the head of Paris Saint-Germain, says that Marcus Rashford could play for the team. But Manchester United hasn’t given up completely on its attacker just yet.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi said in an interview with Sky Sports that he had talked to Marcus Rashford over the summer. He also made it clear that Paris Saint-Germain will talk to Rashford in January to try to sign him if he is still a free agent and hasn’t signed anything. Rashford is one of Manchester United’s best players.

“Rashford is another great player, and if he was available for free, every club in the world would try to sign him. We don’t try to hide the fact that we’ve spoken to each other and had an interest in the past, but the timing wasn’t good for anyone.

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Even if he is a free agent and we could talk to him right now, we won’t. Let him focus on the World Cup, and if we are interested, we will talk to him after January “The president of Paris said this very clearly.

Manchester United will try to offer Marcus Rashford a new contract

Marcus Rashford is under contract until June 30, 2023, so he won’t be a free agent on the transfer market the following summer. Several sources agree that Manchester United can keep a 25-year-old player on the team for an extra season if he wants to. If England’s number 11 player doesn’t want to sign a new contract, he could be moved in the summer of 2023, but United would need to be paid an amount equal to 80 million euros before they would let him go.

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus are all teams that could be interested in Rashford, so Nasser Al-Khelafi and Paris SG should take this as a warning.


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