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Hakim Ziyech to Leave Chelsea During Winter as Graham Potter Has a New Plan

The Moroccan player Hakim Ziyech would be planning an exit to leave London in the winter if he cannot fit in with the London team. Chelsea’s new coach Graham Potter has a second objective.

In the summer of 2020, it was one of the ‘blue’ team’s major wagers. However, Hakim Ziyech has not been up to expectations due to injuries and a lack of opportunity. Only one of Ziyech’s five games this season had seen him start. The athlete, who just fired his agency, bargains with a lawyer for a way out of the winter market.

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Milan appears to be the most sensible location at the moment. Sebastien Ledure met with Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara at Casa Milan to discuss the possibility of the Moroccan International player playing in Milan in January, according to the journalist Daniele Longo from Calciomercacto, who is affiliated with Roc Nation, the firm that works with the Italian club. When it was revealed that the football player had sacked his agent, this Lawyer reportedly assisted Ziyech in settling his future, according to Italian media outlets that have reported the news.

Fabrizio Romano, on the other hand, affirms the existence of this meeting but claims that Ledure was not present as a representative of Ziyech but rather for other reasons. Whatever the case, Ziyech wants to leave Chelsea, and this is a known fact. Since his arrival at Stamford Bridge, he hasn’t played many minutes, which has made him desire to quit the team. He had already expressed frustration with his return to Ajax in August, and now there is talk of Italy.

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In his journal, Graham Potter has a name

Potter keeps making preparations for the attack despite all the rumours. Although Raheem Sterling and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were acquired by Chelsea during the summer transfer window, Graham Potter, the new manager of the Blues, wants further reinforcements for the attack. In response to the English coach’s request, the British tabloid The Sun mentions Jonathan David, a current Lille striker. To get the 22-year-old Canadian attacker in the winter, Stamford Bridge would need to spend a lot of money because the French team spent around 30 million euros on Gent for his signing in 2020.

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