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Time Is Running Out For Former Chelsea Coach Thomas Tuchel

The German manager feels that there are things still for him to accomplish in the Premier League that he was unable to accomplish while he was coaching Chelsea. The work permit in the United Kingdom, however, will soon expire.

Thomas Tuchel has shown interest in receiving a second opportunity to play in the Premier League. According to a report in The Telegraph newspaper, the former manager of Chelsea still believes that he has unfinished business in English football and especially in his league.

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This is because he was unable to win the league when he was in charge of the blues’ bench. At the very least, this is what the newspaper reveals.

Thomas Tuchel

On the other hand, Brexit hurts the German coach, who moved to London after the UK left the European Union. Because of this, he can’t technically stay in Britain for more than 90 days, starting from the day he was fired by Chelsea or September 7 of last year.

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In spite of the fact that Tuchel is still awaiting confirmation on this topic, the fact of the matter is that the coach has not yet made any choice on his future plans. As a result, the likelihood of training for Bayern Munich in the not-too-distant future, as has been the topic of speculation in the last few days, is not yet certain.

Thomas Tuchel

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