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The Spanish doctor from Spain who put an end to Kane’s nightmare

Alejandro Elorriaga has been the one to address the striker’s ankle ailments for the past three years. Due to the fact that he conducts acupuncture treatments, many in England see him as a guru.

The identity of the person who knows Harry Kane’s secret is Alejandro Elorriaga. The player for Tottenham Hotspur, who had been suffering from serious ankle issues for two consecutive lengthy seasons, decided to engage the sports medicine doctor, who was based in Canada but was originally from Spain, three years ago.

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Kane’s ailments, on the other hand, started to heal themselves when he started relying on Elorriaga’s services, and they continued to heal to the point that he was able to fully erase the thought of having physical difficulties from his mind. According to the findings of the Daily Mail, doctor’s trips to London have become a regular occurrence as a direct result of these findings.


Although Kane is not the only sports star that Elorriaga has treated, the Anglo-Saxon press already believes the doctor to be a guru because of his treatment of other players. Elorriaga sees the “Huracán” at least once a week each month to administer severe acupuncture treatments to him.

In point of fact, another one of his patients, a wealthy golfer named Justin Rose, was the one who suggested Elorriaga’s hand to Kane, Kane is a friend of Elorriaga. Another important factor is the successful execution of the ‘9,’ which is one of the few distinguishable notes played by the ever-more-bland English squad.

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