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Maguire: “Why are you being so critical of me because of the clicks?”

The English defender is under the impression that the media are fabricating allegations against him because they are aware that he will attract a lot of attention. After suffering another defeat in his role as a starter, he became aware of it.

Harry Maguire is trapped in the eye of the hurricane and has no way of escaping despite his best efforts. In spite of the fact that he was demoted to the bench at Manchester United, where he serves as captain, Gareth Southgate selected him to be part of the starting eleven for the English national team.

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However, the Three Lions were defeated by Italy, which led to their demotion to the second tier of the UEFA Nations League. The outcome was the worst that could have happened for England.


The English central defender, though, feels that the criticism has nothing to do with his performance out on the field. “I don’t pay any attention to other people or what other people are saying. I believe that if people want to write a story about me, they will find that it is going to be very newsworthy because I am the captain of Manchester United “After the 1-0 defeat in Milan, he explained it while speaking in the talkSPORT microphone.

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However, I entered the European Championship after an eight-week injury, didn’t participate in a single game, and made the tournament team, he said. He remarked, “That’s why they do it; they want hits and stuff like that. Since Ten Hag’s first win in the Premier League against Liverpool, Maguire, who although facing the press, has the “enemy” at home, has not trusted the defence again, his winning streak has not been able to improve much beyond where it has been thus far.


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