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Real Madrid Makes Huge Decision About Mbappe

The choice that Kylian Mbappé made to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain will have significant repercussions for his future. Real Madrid has every intention of making him pay for this.

Mbappe is no longer included in the Spanish Club’s plans

El Debate, a news site, recently said that Florentino Pérez will not try again to get the striker from Paris Saint-Germain, even though Kylian Mbappé was getting closer to being signed by Real Madrid. Pérez told those close to him during an interview that Real Madrid will never again try to sign Mbappé as long as he is in charge of the club, according to El Debate.

The 23-year-old French international player will no longer be part of the Spanish team’s plans, according to Mundo Deportivo, this was confirmed during their Sunday edition.

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According to an article published in an Iberian publication, Lionel Messi and Neymar’s teammate, Kylian Mbappe will never be able to wear the white jersey of the current La Liga champion. Real Madrid would turn a deaf ear to all of the pronouncements made by the 2018 World Champion regarding his connection to the Merengues, “his house,” but the club has other priorities for the future and would not consider signing him.


Real Madrid has other targets to focus on

Real Madrid no longer appears interested in signing the French striker Kylian Mbappé, according to a recent report from L’Équipe that stated the player’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain extends through June 2024 rather than 2025, meaning that Mbappé might leave the club during the summer of 2024.

Mundo Deportivo explains in particular that beyond the anger felt by the White House after Mbappé’s about-face at the end of the previous season, the explosion of Vinicius Jr would have ended up convincing the Madrid decision-makers that they don’t really need the PSG striker.

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The two players Vinicius Jr and Mbappe appear to be playing in the same spot. Therefore, Florentino Pérez and his club would be working on extending the lease of the Brazilian international player, who is currently 22 years old and whose present contract is set to expire in June 2024.

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