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Kevin De Bruyne Currently On The Hunt For Cesc Fabregas And David Silva

The Belgian Kevin De Bruyne now holds the position of 7th best assistant in the annals of Premier League history. Some people, including the two Spaniards, are up ahead. He is within one shot of capturing the canary.

The ability to provide help for his teammates is one of Kevin De Bruyne’s many strengths. As a direct result of this, he is now ranked as the 7th best assistant in the annals of Premier League history. The Belgian has in his career 92 goals and assists, a number that is only reached by a select few players. It’s also interesting to note that David Silva and Cesc Fábregas, both of whom are from Spain, come in ahead of him in the ranking of the finest assistants in the history of the Premier League.

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With six assists so far in the Premier League this year, Kevin de Bruyne is closing in on David Silva’s all-time record of 93, which he achieved over the course of his 10 seasons in the league. Everything points to the Belgian midfielder finishing the season as a better player than his Canarian counterpart.

At this point in the current season of the Premier League, he has six assists to his name. The English city derby between Manchester United and Manchester City will take place on October 2, and the Manchester City midfielder will participate in that match. In that encounter, he will have the possibility to match or beat Silva’s goal total.

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De Bruyne has a long way to go before he can be included among the other Spanish players “in the race.” This gentleman’s name is Cesc Fabregas. During his time as a player in the Premier League, the current Italian Como midfielder amassed 111 assists. He played there for a total of 12 seasons. The world champion with the Spanish National Team has the honour of being the second-best assistant scorer in the history of the English league. Only Ryan Giggs, with 162 points, has a higher total than the world champion with the Spanish National Team.

This privileged ranking is completed by Bergkamp’s position in fourth place (94) and Lampard’s position in third place (102). The Dutchman has just two more assists than De Bruyne has, therefore everything seems to point to the fact that he will overtake him this season. However, the Dutchman still has 10 assists to make up on the Englishman.

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