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Thomas Tuchel – “I’m Devastated by the outcome.”

In a moving statement, the manager said goodbye to Chelsea and said that everyone was shocked by the decision to fire him. He takes a Champion with him out the door.

“I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write one of these for a long time, but this is one of the hardest statements I’ve ever had to write.” Thomas Tuchel’s last message to Chelsea was posted on his official Twitter account three days after it was announced that he would no longer coach the team.

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The German coach will never forget the great times he had in London. He says, “I’m so sad that my time at Chelsea is over. The coach is still remembering how much fun he had in London. Both in my personal and professional life, this club has helped me feel at home. Sincere thanks to the coaches, players, and fans for making me feel like I belonged right away.

Thomas tuchel

Thomas Tuchel

To sum up, Tuchel has been sitting on the bench for less than two years, but he hasn’t forgotten what he did at Chelsea. “Being on the team that won the Club World Cup and the Champions League gave me a sense of pride and satisfaction that I will never forget. He said that the memories of the last 19 months would always be special to him and that it was an honour to be a part of this club’s history.

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