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After Jovic and Mayoral, Benzema got rid of everyone else in Madrid, but Ancelotti couldn’t get a new “9.”

All of them, including Jovic, Mayoral, and now Ancelotti, who has lost his number nine, are kicked out by Benzema

It’s getting harder and harder to get rid of Karim Benzema from his current position. It looked like none of the substitute strikers could get by Zinedine Zidane as long as the Frenchman was on the field. Carlo Ancelotti, on the other hand, makes that impossible. Because of how important the Frenchman is to Madrid’s game, it will be hard to find someone to replace him. He is even more important because they have tried to get rid of him many times with different scorers, like Morata, Jovic, Mariano, and Mayoral, but have never been able to. After Jovic and Mayoral, Benzema got rid of everyone else in Madrid, but Ancelotti couldn’t get a new “9.”



Because it’s hard to keep Karim Benzema off the field in Real Madrid’s current lineup, forwards are leaving the club to find better opportunities and play time away from the Frenchman’s kingdom. This summer, the white team has already let go of two forwards, Jovic and Mayoral, and they may be close to doing the same with Juanmi Latasa, another “9”.


The 21-year-old striker for Real Madrid Castilla made his debut with the first team last season and has scored 13 goals for Raul González. It will be hard to bench him in favour of Karim Benzema or Hazard, especially Hazard who the club has more expectations for. And Hazard is expected to play false “9” and Mariano, is looking for a way out to a team in the first division so as not to slow down his development. The club has come to an agreement, and as a result, many Spanish media outlets have confirmed that Getafe and the Madrid youth team are talking right now.

Real Madrid has a contract with the striker until 2024, but they are still talking to Getafe about selling him. Borja Mayoral is an example of how Getafe will throw everything at Juanmi Latasa once the futures of Enes Ünal and Jaime Mata have been decided. He has also had to move away from Karim Benzema to keep getting minutes in La Liga Santander. Getafe is waiting until these decisions have been made before forgoing  Juanmi Latasa.

Carlo Ancelotti only has Eden Hazard left as a striker to make up for Karim Benzema’s few injuries throughout the season. Mariano doesn’t count for Ancelotti, and it will be hard for him to play this year.

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