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PSG coach Galtier warns of the future of Messi and Mbappe at PSG

Christophe Galtier, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, said that the French player is worried and thinks he will play against Montpellier. Messi and Neymar put on a great show for the crowd as PSG beat Clermont to start their season last Saturday night. Kylian Mbappé wasn’t part of the opening game against Clermont for some reasons unknown.

The French international was suddenly taken off the team’s roster on Friday, but manager Christopher Galtier told Paris fans after his first Ligue 1 match that he wanted to talk to the player before the next game against Montpellier. I have a feeling that Mbappé will be there the following weekend. We did not want to take any chances because he was in some kind of discomfort; “he kept his promise.



Since the new season just started, the PSG coach doesn’t want to take any chances. He freely admits that he would have given Mbappe a chance if the game had been much more important. “If we had been playing in the Champions League or against a tough opponent, we might have taken a chance. But at this point in the season, we think it’s best to keep him out longer. But he could show up on the match against Montpellier, “In his last sentence, he said.

Galtier on Leo Messi

Galtier also took the chance to praise Messi for his great goal and warned that Leo could perform at his peak this season in PSG as he does while at Barcelona. “Are you shocked by the goal he scored? No. I was interested in the goal. Since he was 17 years old, he has played at a very high level. After a tough season at PSG, he was just getting used to things. In every season before this one, he scored at least 30 goals for the team.

This year, he finished the whole preseason, his family is at peace, he gets along well with his teammates, and he… There is no good reason why he shouldn’t have a successful season. When Kylian and I work together, we will be much better at attacking.

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