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Messi transfer news: Laporte opens Barca’s door for Messi to return

Messi transfer news – The Argentine contract with Paris SG would be up soon and is soon to be up for renewal right now, and Spanish club Barcelona just said something that could make the Argentine player think twice or cause doubt about his future.

Messi got a call from Barcelonas boss Laporte

Lionel Messi’s first year at Paris Saint-Germain was a tough time for him as he got used to the club. Now, in his second year there, he wants to get even and try to perform better. Even so, Joan Laporta’s team doesn’t always seem to be used to the fact that he left them last summer. Even though Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha have joined Xavi Hernandez’s team to strengthen the team’s attack.

Messi transfer news


Messi transfer news

FC Barcelona’s president Joan Laporte has not ruled out the possibility that Lionel Messi will return to the team. In an interview with ESPN media, Barcas president Joan Laporta made a strong case for the Argentinian international player to come back and play with the Blaugranas at Camp Nou so that they could do better.

Messi transfer news

“I don’t think Messi’s story with Barcelona is finished yet, and I really hope it isn’t. He can always come in, and it’s our job to make sure he gets a better ending than he deserves. The lawyer from Catalonia said to the media while in the United States with his club preparing for the beginning of La Liga  He added, “I owe Messi a lot of thanks and still indebted to him.” But it’s clear that Lionel Messi the 35-year-old star has other things to settle as PSG has something in place for him, which could be a contract extension.

Messi could decide to stay with Paris SG after his current contract is up

The Argentine has already shown that he will have a good season with Paris Saint-Germain. As number 10, he has more freedom during the attack because he is driven.

Messi transfer news

The seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is a skilled and quick player who gets along well with Kylian Mbappé and Neymar at PSG. All of these things should make the capital club’s leaders think about extending Messi’s contract, and if they’re able to do so, things may not go well with Laporte.

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