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Barca takes lead for signing Jules Kounde after losing hope to Chelsea

Barca is sure that it will be them who end up getting the France international player. Sevilla says that neither Laporte nor Alemany have been in the news in the past few months. If the deal goes through before Wednesday, Koundé is likely to leave for the United States.

Barca comes in after losing hope

Even though Sevilla is playing in Portugal while Jules Koundé waits to hear what will happen with him, the situation is so strange that it’s likely to be sorted out in the next few hours. When Chelsea and Seville’s talks got complicated on Thursday, it gave Barcelona a second chance after they had already given up on signing the player before. This time, Barcelona seems ready to take advantage of it, as they see it as an opportunity, and the player Kounde himself is happy to wear the Barca jersey and play in Camp Nou.



In some ways, Barcelona’s possible move to sign Koundé looks similar to that of Raphinha from Leeds, especially because of how the deal would be set up. Only Chelsea made a serious offer to buy the Brazilian player from Leeds for a few weeks. But Barcelona waited for its chance, and since it had promised the player it would try to sign him, they waited for the first lever to be pulled. Chelsea is worried that Barcelona will do the same thing they did to Raphinha with Koundé and make an offer for him in the next few hours. Several sources say that the clubs have already talked, but Sevilla says that they don’t know about this.

Barca has more possibilities in getting Kounde

Barcelona is currently in the US for the pre-season tour which they flew to Dallas yesterday, optimism was the norm, and everyone thought that Koundé might soon join Barça because of what happened last Friday. Even though Chelsea isn’t out of the race for sure, this is the case. If the Spanish club could complete the operation and sign the player before Wednesday, Koundé might be able to go on the trip and join the rest of the team in the US. If he doesn’t join them then he could wait in Spain for the rest of the team.

So far, it looks like no amounts from Barca for the signing of Kounde have been shared with the public. Due to Sevilla’s preference for hard cash, it was not clear that players could be a part of the movement to sign Jules Kounde (Memphis, Nico, and Abde). Everything is on hold while Barcelona lawyer Mateu Alemany and Sevilla’s coach Monchi keep talking about a deal. In the meantime, the player waits for the outcome.

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