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Manchester United Pre-season match against Crystal Palace

Manchester United had a nice moment this season after the team had a stunning goal to double their lead against Crystal Palace.

The Red devil was reportedly seen to beat Crystal Palace in their third pre-season outing. This happened after they had victory over Melbourne Victory and Liverpool under the new club manager. The fans that were present at Melbournes cricket had a taste of Erik Ten Hags’ philosophy.

Crystal Palace

Lastest view of Manchester United’s victory over Crystal Palace this pre-season

Manchester United has gotten a lead over Crystal Palace this season. The lead got was a result of the victory the team had over the opponent. The first goal by Man United was made by Anthony Martial in the first half. Anthony Martial was seen to be leading after his return from his loan with Sevilla. The Manchester United fans were excited after another goal was made by Marcus Rashford. This goal gave an insight into what brand of football is expected of Manchester United this term.


It all begins with David De Gea who is at the back before Bruno Fernandes got to hold off the ball with a perfect long pass. Bruno Fernandes picked out the ball from Martial. Jadon Sancho received a ball from the Frenchman who took the ball from the sky. Jadon Sancho returned the ball to him after he received the pass. Before he passed the ball, gave him chance to make a run behind.

As the game went on, Martial was spotted with the ball. He carefully passed the ball to Donny van de Beek. Crystal Palace was placed on an edge after the attacking play. Jadon Sancho quickly adds a third goal from a behind pass from Martial. Sancho is ready to pull anything down this pre-season.

Crystal Palace

A professional foul was made by Will Fish which sent him off the field

With this kind of open play by Manchester United, their fans are highly excited and they expected more from them. At the end of the gameplay, Crystal Palace had 1 while Manchester United has 3. The game was quite full of fun and stunning. Manchester United seems to have prepared well against their opponent. A quick look at the ball gave a clear signal of their preparation. Fans are excited at this score point and are happy for their team.

Crystal Palace is a strong team that needs more preparation to be on the field this term. The pre-season is a set-off game for both teams.

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