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Christiano Ronaldo set to join Atletico Madrid

A report was made in Spain about Christiano’s mindset to join Atletico Madrid. The report filed holds that Cristiano will return to the boyhood club Sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo reacted to this report as fake.

A shock return to La Liga

Christiano has been connected with a message report of returning to La Liga. Real Madrid was a place where Ronaldo is seen to build his legacy. This achievement marked him as the best player which is ever reckoned with in history. Upon his professionalism, he has successfully had a rival (Atletico). With his skills, he is back into La Liga to join Atletico according to the report.



Christiano is now set to join the city rivals Atletico Madrid. This would be a sincere shock to the Las Blancos fans. This information was published by the Spanish outlet Diaro AS. Shock holds the people’s hearts when Ronaldo requested a transfer from the Erik Ten Hags team (Manchester United) this summer. Upon this information, people are heartbroken. The published report holds how Ronaldo’s representative contacted Diego and made an appeal to the Argentine manager to make a move for the player.


Now, if the Spanish outlet report were true it means Ronaldos news will be the transfer story of the summer. The validity of this report is not ascertained because of the rivalry between the Club and CR7. This creates a lot of discrepancies in the news release. The rivalry began when Ronaldo had two champions league victories over Atletico. Now, Ronaldo became a public enemy to Atletico Madrid fans. Because of this point, a transfer to this same club will cause a great fuse to the fans.

Christiano Ronaldo will have the chance to play the champions league football once again

The report is not ascertained. Another news surfaced that Ronaldo is going to return to the boyhood club Sporting Lisbon. Christian Ronaldo denied this fact by simply commenting on a fake news report on Instagram. It was reported in the news posted on Instagram that his car was spotted at the clubs’ stadium which the news channel (Sport TV Portugal) posted.


Director Hugo Viana’s Speech

Director Hugo Viana tells the fans that he doesn’t think it is possible. He added to his speech that he can choose wherever he wants to go. Viana continued speaking by saying no one knows the future. He said he doesn’t want to talk about it, let’s see whatever he decides.

The director is ready to respect his decision even if the rumor is true. Let’s wait and see what he decides on.

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