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The match between Everton and Arsenal

The match played between Everton and Arsenal was a tough one. Everton matched with Arsenal in their first pre-season game at M&T Stadium in Baltimore Maryland USA. The match ended with a score of 0-2 for The Gunners.


The first half game play

Arsenal was seen to start the gameplay with a lot of effort thereby placing Everton’s defense under a lot of tension. The tension was so high that it caused problems for Everton straight away. Mason Holgate gave a poor pass. The poor pass was chanced by Gabriel Jesus the opponent. This gave Everton the chance in the first fifteen minutes. The chance was denied by Jordan Pickford. The play progressed with lots of effort. There was a quick goal from Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Jesus.



This gave the Gunners a lead to halftime. The score at this point was 0-2. Lampard’s team is intensely struggling to keep hold of the team’s possession so as many chances could be created. The game continued to be interesting as Dele had the football at the back of the net. This happened when Demari Gray gave a run-through ball which was quickly ruled offside by the referee.

The ball continued with few opportunities coming for the blues which Dominic Calvet Lewin lose control of a top pass. Neils Nkounkou at the first half sees most of the ball. Neils struggles to put anything together from his side.

The Second half game play

The second half came in full for the two teams. Both teams made a few changes to the players at hand as they start the second half game. The game starts with James Tarkowski. The team players who also begin the second half are Stanley Mills, Lewis Warrington and Reece Welch. They all came in impressing the people and shoeing off great energy with lots of determination. The powerful link-up of Vitali Mykolenko with Anthony Gordon caused Arsenal a lot of defense problems.


The first-half dominance by Arsenal’s team proved a lot of points to Frank Lampard’s team. The game slowly moved on to the second half with opportunity reduction for both parties. The teams had it strong against each. But that doesn’t mean a tie was pooled. The game was played intensely. People watching the ball already have thoughts at the back of their minds when they see Arsenal press Everton. When both teams continued the gameplay, the story of the game changed. The pre-season was a sweet game to behold.

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