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Trent Alexander Arnold is happy to be back on the football field

Trent Alexander Arnold expresses his joy as he comes back to the field. His joy overwhelmed him when he knew full well about the win for Liverpool against Crystal Palace. The Reds faced the eagles in Singapore after the defeat of Manchester United. Jordan Henderson and Mohammed Salah found the back of the net after a match in which two goals were ascertained in Merseysiders’ favor.

Trent Alexander Arnold

Overwhelmed Alexander falls back to the field

Trent Alexander Arnold was intensely happy to be able to get in touch with the team. The second goal was amazing as the defender executed a lovely ball shoot to Salah who kicked the ball to the net to achieve a goal. Alexander was indeed happy to give an assist in the match against Crystal Palace. Alexander breaks open his mood by pouring out how joyful he was to get connected with the team. Trent Alexander Arnold has been seen to compete with the best team by giving wonderful assists every season. This happened to Alexander after he joined the team under Klopp in the 2017/2018 season. 19 assists in all competitions were provided for Liverpool in the last season.

Trent Alexander Arnold


Trent Alexander Arnold is 23 years of age. He is regarded as one of the best in the world for the position he holds. His talent is impeccable because few people only have his ability. He is a man whose vision cannot be tampered with. Alexander was very happy to be on the field with the players.

England International looks ready to go into the next season. The pre-season period is hereby a way to regain match fitness. England internationals are well set to once again challenge for the trophy.

Trent Alexander Arnold

The Red was seen to have made it to the final in the three champions league. Looking back to the last five years, the Red only won one. The first league title was won in thirty years. This success was won under Klopp in the 2019/the 2020 season. Alexander is now overwhelmed with joy as he is back with the team. The regained connection with his team gives him more joy. His joyful statement reveals how happy he was enjoying football with his team. The time he played with his team is worth rekindling.

Trent Alexander Arnold’s happiness cannot be measured. His face radiated with lots of joy when he saw his team. He is happy to play again with the team since the gameplay gives him lots of happiness. His show of happiness was a result of the little time he was apart from his team.

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