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Erik Ten Hag’s side progressed in the pre-season with another win

Melbourne Victory was gallantly defeated by Erik Ten Hag’s side with a whooping goal of 4-1. This is an impressive start for Manchester United for this pre-season. The impressive goal was made by Scott Mc Tominay, Marcus Rashford, Anthony martial, and Edmond Lupancu who later scored an extra 1 making it a total of 4 good goals.

Erik Ten Hag

Erik Ten Hag’s team weaknesses won’t propel the team forward

In the victory of Manchester United over Melbourne victory, some weaknesses are prominent among Erik Ten Hag’s team.

Trouble loomed as Maguire’s form last season does not justify his inclusion ahead of Raphael Varane and the forty-six million signing of Lisandro Matinez from Ajax and Victor Lindelof is only going to make the situation more complex. Maguire made his first appearance in the pre-season. He intentionally appeared in the pre-season against Melbourne Victory because he missed the win over Liverpool.


Maguire was not the only Manchester United player at fault for the goal made by the A-league. It is advised of Maguire raise his game after a poor season. He now has to face competition within the Manchester United ranks.

His retain of the captain armband will give him a certain level of security. This level of security doesn’t make him invulnerable. Attacks coming in can still penetrate if proper care is not taken. He should note that appropriate measures must be taken to as maintain perfect distance from his opponents.

Erik Ten Hag

Manchester United will be more vulnerable to attack especially when they face a team far better than Melbourne Victory. The major reason for this is because Erik Ten Hag wants his full-backs to play as high as possible especially when the team is on the attack. This decision will only make the team vulnerable to attack when faced with a ruthless opponent. With this playing level, a possible game loss is prominent. It is of high importance to know that the opponent team is ready to hang on to every loophole seen.

Erik Ten Hag

The new season starts in three weeks, possible team weaknesses should be dealt with. Although Manchester United won against Melbourne Victory. But it is seen that Man United was cracked open easily. Now, come to think of what will happen when they are faced with opponents like Manchester City or Liverpool?. Erik Ten Hag should give a solid taught before proceeding with his mind’s decision. Manchester United fans are hoping for the success of the team supported. They shouldn’t be disappointed by little team vulnerability. A possible change should be made to the existing plan to avoid the team’s weakness.

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